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مُساهمة  mo7amed_3li في 18/09/07, 04:04 pm

ودى مجموعه تانيه من الرسايل الجامد
يا ريت تعجبكم
مستنى الردود

english sms
I look at the stars but I only see u
I look at the sun but I only see u
I look at the wodld but I only see u
please!! move off.. I waana see something else


I wrote ur name on the sand but the wind rub it
I wrote ut name on the paper but the rubber rub it
I worte ur name in my heart so no one can rub it


choose one of these answers
A) yes
C) yes
D) All above


Every time I hear a msg tone ,Ihope it comes from u. my sim cadr has a limited memory.. but my simheart has no limited memory 4 u


Humans fall in love

it's normal

Cows eat grass

that's ok



MONKEYS can press mobile keypads


stil pressing



our friendship means alot to me ,
that if we r the last people on a sinking ship
and have only 1 life-jacket
I'LL MISS U 4 SURE ( i live)


f the day come when I die
& go up n the sky
as I'm there so far
i'll write ur name om every star
then u look up & see
how much u really mean 2 me

once I looked @ the moon & said "she makes me cry"
the moon looked @ me & said:"why don't u leave her?"
I looek again & said
can u leave ur sky


V W X Y & Z
the 1 who invited alphabets was agenious
but he made agreat mistake by
keeping "u" & "I" so far


To my wonderful moon
when I see you, everything
I want to see your
face and beautiful
(3yoon) if I couldn't call you
I might become


People live
People die
People love
People cry
Some give up
Some still try
Some may forget you
But never will I


You took my heart
with your smile

You took my mind
with your sweetness

And most of all

You took my money
with this message


It must have been a rainy day
when you were born
but it wasn't really rain
The sky was crying because
it lost his most beautiful angel.
Happy Birthday


When I call, you may smile
But when you call me,
I kiss my mobile


I asked God for a flower,
he gave me a garden

I asked him for water,
he gave me a rain

I asked him for a friend,
he gave me you

"I Miss You"

sorry 2 inform u that u have a brain problem

ur brain has 2 parts

left & reight

the left has nothing right n it
the right has nothing left n it


u r 100% beautiful

u r 100% lovely

u r 100% sweety

u r 100% sweety

u r 100& nice

u r 100% crazy

f u think these message 4 u

A lucky star dropped on earth 1 night. it asked me:
what did I want? a million dollar or a true friend

I had 2 choose a million dollar

coz I already have u

Days r 2 busy

Houres r 2 fast

Seconds r 2 few


there's always time 4 me 2 remember YOU


Last night I dreamt of U

These morning my 1st thoughts was U

I thought of U the whole day

I think I like U

Tomorrow I'll think of V then W,X,Y & Z
========================حته اجنبي بقه من اللي قلبك يحبه

the weather isn't always Dafi
the sky isn't always safi
the doctor isn't always shafi
the money isn't always kafi
But your love makes me Run always 7afi

If I die,and go up in the sky
,as im there so far o will right your name on every star,
so u look up an see how much you realy mean to me

True friends are like DIAMONDS
They are REAL and RARE

False friends are like LEAVES
They are SCATTARED every where..


Missing u is not a game to play,
missing u is not a word to say,
missing u does not start in April & end in May....
Missing u is today, tommorow and yesterday

Far , Near
You Are Dear
YoUNG , oLd
You Are GoLd
BeSt FrieNd
STaY 4 ENd

The words to say
The road to take
To find a way back to your heart
What can I do
To get to you
And find a way back to your heart

I love 3 things!
The sun, the moon and You!
The sun for the day,
the moon for the night and
you forever!

BeIng FrienDs WiTh U Is
Such a treat
WiThoUt You I'd Be IncompLeTe

I've FoUNd In You a
How MuCh U MeaN 2 Me I CaN Not

if rain was a kiss
I`d send U showers

if hugs were seconds
I`d send U hours

if a wave was a smile
I`d send U a sea

if love was a person
! I`d send U me

R: is 4 red

RED: is 4 blood

BLOOD: is 4 heart

HEART: is 4 love

LOVE: is 4 U

U: is 4 me

ME: is U

(((I LOVE U)))

if sun 4gets warmth
If birds 4get the songs
If love 4gets emotions
if heart 4gets pumping
i'll never 4get the money
I paid in this message

عضو جديد
عضو جديد

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مُساهمة  egyptian zoro في 18/09/07, 05:54 pm

شكرا على هذه المشاركة
فعلا مجموعة رسائل جميلة قوووووووى
ميرسى يبو على
اخوك .........!!!scratch scratch
egyptian zoro
عضو نشيط
عضو نشيط

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البلد : i have no id
الوظيفة : i have..!!... nothing
الهواية : just dead in life
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50 / 10050 / 100

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